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Tip 6: How to write dialogue that zings

This week we’re talking dialogue: how to make your characters’ conversations enthralling, how to pack them full of tension and conflict and how to ensure each conversation works overtime!

Tip 5: How to craft loveable characters

This week we’re talking characters and three simple ways to make your characters more loveable.

Tip 3: How to structure your story

This week, we’re looking at how to structure your story – which is a pretty large undertaking for one post, so that’s why we’re going to focus on the overall structure of a story, what that looks like and how to get familiar with it if you’re new (or new-ish) to writing books.

Tip 2: How to find (and build up) your story idea

Ideas are fickle things but anyone who has felt the itch to write has likely felt the mental knock of an idea. The problem is, ideas rarely come to us as fully fledged book plans. So let’s take a look at how to find them:

Tip 1: How to find your story’s beginning

The first post in my #52WritingTips project, because there’s 52 weeks in a year and I really need to get better at updating this blog. Across the year, I’ll be pulling together 52 writing tips to help you get your dream on paper, edit that manuscript or summon the courage to submit your work. This week, we’re looking at beginnings, and where to find them.

The Importance of Stakes

Today we’re going to talk about stakes, which in short is the bad stuff that’s going to happen to your character if they don’t achieve their goal (or if they … Continue reading The Importance of Stakes

How flashforwards can make your characters more loveable

A look at the movie Arrival from the lens of narrative structure and empathy: how can we play with narrative structure to increase character/reader empathy? How does Arrival do it, and how does it work so well?

How to Edit Your Novel (Part 2)

I told you I was bad at keeping up with these. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (not a plug) – you may have heard I have … Continue reading How to Edit Your Novel (Part 2)

How to Edit Your Novel (Part 1)

You know me. I love creating a series of blogs that I then have to beat myself to continue (they will all get finished, I promise you!) But this is … Continue reading How to Edit Your Novel (Part 1)