National Writing Day Prompt List

It’s National Writing Day! And to celebrate I’ve pulled together my favourite resources for writing prompts, ideas and starters-for-ten, perfect for when your well of creative ideas feels like it’s running somewhat dry…

1. Writing Prompts Subreddit

 This has a whole host of weird and wonderful ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and the best part is it’s updated regularly by a bank of friendly fellow writers, so you’re never short of ideas.

2. ThinkWritten’s 365 Ideas

Literally an idea for every day of the year. Although I imagine writing them would take you a little bit longer… !

3. Penguin Random House’s Crowdsourced Ideas Bank

Random House got its Twitter users to send in a whole host of ideas, and some of them are truly awesome. The best part is if you write something based on one of them, you can credit the lovely person that inspired you!

4. Random Plot Generator

This one does what it says on the tin. Some of the stuff it spews out is truly mind boggling, but it’s only a starting point after all, you can let your imagination run wild afterwards!

5. The John Fox Generator

This one works by giving you quotes, questions and scenarios. It’s slightly more long-form than some of the one-line ideas, which is good if you are starting from a literal blank page. The best bit is you can click ‘next quote’ ad infinitum (perhaps not literally…) and combine ideas!

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