How to Edit Your Novel (Part 2)

I told you I was bad at keeping up with these. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (not a plug) - you may have heard I have now finished my first novel, spat on it (not literally) and polished it until the sun could shine on its very pages. You may also…Read more How to Edit Your Novel (Part 2)

How to Edit Your Novel (Part 1)

You know me. I love creating a series of blogs that I then have to beat myself to continue (they will all get finished, I promise you!) But this is one that sits close to my heart at the moment because I am in the final throes of editing my second novel (read: first┬ádecent┬ánovel), The…Read more How to Edit Your Novel (Part 1)

The Edit Project: Prelude

I like to think I'm OK at writing. I plan on getting better, obviously - that's why I'm studying over in Sweden. I do, however, know that I'm rubbish at editing. Mainly because I avoid it like the plague. And if practice makes perfect when it comes to writing, I'm sure it also helps when it…Read more The Edit Project: Prelude