I’m a driven, ambitious and imaginative person and I like putting my creativity to use as much as possible. After all, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning (literally).

Across the course of my career I have worked for large, global corporations, for smaller start-up businesses and for myself. I thrive in an environment where there’s no such thing as a stupid question (often the best ideas are borne from them!) and where teamwork makes the dream work.

I am a

Stragetic thinker

Problem solver

People person

Writing lover

Fiction author

Key Skills

Selected Work

  • Creative Writing

    Novels, short stories and more

    I’ve been writing longer form creative pieces in my spare time ever since I was little, although more seriously since 2014 where I joined my first ever National Novel Writing Month meet-up in a small pub in Islington, London.

    Fast forward seven years and I now have two novels written, a third in the planning and a fantastic literary agent, Caroline Hardman of Hardman & Swainson. While my novels are not available for reading prior to publication, you can check out my short fiction piece, The Immortal Goldfish, published in The Write Launch!

  • Freelance Articles

    The Mimic Method

    A series of articles focussed around language learning for a comissioned freelance project. The target audience was ‘adventurers’, people inspired by other languages, other cultures.

    Penguin in the Room

    A series of articles to help artists, actors and radio presenters understand social media and put it to better use to build and maintain their personal brand. I predominantly wrote under the ‘Pengiun’ handle as a ghost writer, but also published freelancing-related articles under my own name.

  • Report writing

    findcourses.co.uk – Learning and Development Report

    As part of my current role I am responsible for conducting industry analysis and interviews and writing these into informative, engaging articles that form part of our yearly Learning and Development report. View or download my article on Apprenticeships below to see my writing style.

  • Academic Writing

    MA Creative Writing : Thesis

    This study focuses on the relationship between the author’s narrative craft and the potential for the reader’s empathetic response. Specifically, it discusses how an anachronous narrative structure provides the author with different ways to promote empathy. 

  • Informational Writing & Guides


    A series of guides, aimed at both users and companies to understand what the Apprenticeship Levy in the United Kingdom is, how to use it and who it benefits.

  • B2B Thought Leadership and Opinion

    Education / Marketing

    A series of three articles, two stemming from a conference about generational marketing in the education sector and the third to highlight the key points in the report I co-authored. As I often spend time writing in a more formal, distant third-person I use these articles as opportunities to highlight my own thoughts and opinions as a way of encouraging conversation with members of my network and the wider community.

  • Branding / brand activation

    Some examples of how I have worked to launch new brands (e.g. the design competition to create a mural for a new student accommodation property in Newcastle), activate new brands (e.g. Eat Fresh concept for Fresher’s Week 2017 at City University London) and event marketing (Learning at Work Week: Live, 2020)

  • Social Media Management

    educations.com, findcourses.co.uk

    I’ve been managing social media accounts on and off since I was 17 (the ‘put the young person on it’ was a very good kick for my career) and know that the most important thing is that if you’re going to speak on social, you need to have something to say and a reason why people should want to listen.

    Most recently I’ve run the paid Facebook retargeting for educations.com and findcourses.co.uk, using a mixture of retargeting and lookalike audiences and campaigning for resources to actually use our social media accounts organically rather than just for ads (social signalling helps page ranking which helps website visibility. Also, branding).

Want to know more?

I’ve got ten years’ worth of digital marketing and communciations experience, as well as 2 years of sales experience, but putting all of that on one page would probably make your scrolling-thumb tired. Why not ask me for more info?